Peer Reviewed Publications

Read what the experts are saying about Argo’s ReWalk exoskeleton technology:

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation:
November 2012 – Volume 91 – Issue 11 – p 911–921

Esquenazi, Alberto MD; Talaty, Mukul PhD; Packel, Andrew PT, NCS; Saulino, Michael MD, PhD . 2012. The ReWalk Powered Exoskeleton to Restore Ambulatory Function to Individuals with Thoracic-Level Motor-Complete Spinal Cord Injury. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Electronic edition, 5 September

Zeilig, Gabi; Weingarden, Harold; Zwecker, Manuel; Dudkiewicz, Israel; Bloch, Ayala; Esquenazi, Alberto. 2012 Safety and tolerance of the ReWalk™ exoskeleton suit for ambulation by people with complete spinal cord injury: A pilot study: Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, Volume 35, Number 2,  pp. 96-101(6)