What is ReWalk?

The ReWalk™ robotic exoskeleton is the most widely used, most studied and first available for personal ownership.

The powered hip and knee motion enables those with lower limb disabilities, including paraplegia as a result of spinal cord injury (SCI), to perform self-initiated standing, walking and turning.

ReWalk provides the social, psychological and physiologic benefits of ambulation with a natural gait at functional walking speed.  Batteries power all-day use in a rehabilitation clinic or provide the independence of personal use at home, at work and in the community.

Who can use it?

In its current configuration and functionality, the ReWalk is suitable for lower-limb mobility impaired adults who have functioning hands, arms and shoulders, as well as the ability to tolerate standing (healthy skeleton and cardio-vascular system).

ReWalk is designed for users with certain upper and lower leg lengths. These lengths can be measured during evaluation, however they generally correspond to people that are between 5’3” and 6’3” (160-190cm) inches tall.

Other factors such as muscle tone, bone density and range of motion are important considerations and will be evaluated during screening.

How can I learn more?

There are numerous events each year where you can see the ReWalk device in use and potentially be screened and/ or experience the device.

Please visit our Events Section to find one near you. There may not be one currently scheduled, so please like our Facebook page for information on future events and announcements or contact us to receive an email if one is planned in your area.

How do I obtain ownership of a ReWalk?

Approval from your physician is required, and then you will be screened by a ReWalk trainer to determine if the device is suitable for you. Please use our short questionnaire as presented within the contact form to see if you may be a candidate.

After screening, you may potentially begin training at a certified ReWalk training center. Find a training location near you at our locations page.

After a period of training, you will then be able to use your device at home, at work and in the community.