ReWalk – Rehabilitation

ReWalk™  Rehabilitation is designed for the clinical rehabilitation environment and has been deployed for several years in centers across Europe, Israel and the US. The experience gained has provided supporting clinical data and knowledge regarding the system’s performance and training requirements. Training with ReWalk Rehabilitation allows walking, standing, sitting and the capacity to ascend/descend stairs* in the rehab center environment. It provides a unique means of exercise and therapy. It also allows someone to evaluate their capacity for using a system for home use in the future. The system is adjustable for different users, and can accommodate a range of heights (160 to 190 cm / ~63 to ~75 inches) or weights (up to 100 kg / ~220 pounds).  The key prerequisites for use include:

  • The ability to use hands and shoulders (walking with crutches)
  • Healthy cardiovascular system and bone density

Please contact us for further information regarding training programs in your area or other technical specifications.

*Stairs function not available in the US